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Introducing our Deep Water Wave Raw Human Hair, made from 100% Raw Hair sourced from either Vietnamese or Indian donors. This hair is perfect for those looking to mimic the waves of the ocean.


  • Raw Human Hair: Our collection comprises hair sourced directly from 100% single donors, ensuring authenticity and quality in every bundle.
  • The hair is entirely unprocessed, devoid of any chemicals, synthetic additives, or fibres, maintaining its natural state and integrity.
  • Implementing a precise double-drawn process, shorter hairs are carefully removed, resulting in a denser and fuller bundle from top to bottom.
  • Each bundle is sourced from one donor, guaranteeing uniformity and consistency in texture and colour throughout.
  • The wefts are securely attached and lie flat, minimizing shedding and providing a durable and reliable product.
  • The hair bundles are cuticle aligned, preventing matting or tangling and enhancing manageability for a seamless styling experience.
  • The Raw Human Hair is versatile, allowing for dyeing, colouring, bleaching, and withstanding high heat without compromising its quality.
  • Raw Human Hair lasts up to five times longer than virgin hair, representing a long-term investment for those who prioritize quality and durability.


Raw Vietnamese Hair or Raw Indian Hair? Choose based on preference!


  • Raw Hair from India is known for its thickness and often displays a wavy texture, providing exceptional versatility for various styling techniques and processing.
  • In contrast, Raw Hair from Vietnam showcases a natural bounce and predominantly maintains a straight texture. It is renowned for its brilliant shine and lustrous textures, making it an appealing choice for individuals who view their hair as a worthwhile, long-term investment.

Deep Water Wave Raw Human Hair

PriceFrom £149.60

Make it into a Wig!

  • Quantity per pack: 1 x 100g Bundles

    Hair Type: e.g. Deep Water Wave; Indian or Vietnamese

    Hair Colour: Black

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